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Flames of War Early War 2016

BattleCry proudly presents our Flames of War Early War tournament details for 2016.

The Flames of War tournament is a 1 day event, on Saturday the 20th of February 2016.

Tournament Organiser is Andrew Haught.

Limited to 20 players


Player Pack information

Early War Tournament

We will be playing 3 games at 1500 points. Players are required to have their list sent in a week prior to the tournament, or two weeks prior if you want the Bonus points for history.

Special Mission rules

First Mission: Night time rules will be in effect.  Night will lift automatically at the start of turn 3.

Second Mission: Dense Fog rules will be in effect (Limits LoS to 24 inches and gives concealment to anything beyond 16 inches; this is not considered concealing terrain.). Fog will lift at the start of turn 4. 

Third Mission: No extra rules.

History Army Score
Along with Painting, VPs and Sportsmanship I will be scoring History in the overall scores. Extra points will be awarded to those who provide histories with their army. If you play a specific army and limit yourself to what they had historically you will earn yourself further points. The player who has the most interesting History for their army will win best history.  To gain these extra points you must submit your list with its history two weeks in advance; this is to give me time to read through all the histories. Any entries after this date will not gain History points, so get those lists to me asap.

Submit Army List
All army lists must be submitted to the following email address,

Best Table
Let me know if you can provide Terrain for the event. Tables will be voted on during the tournament. The winner will win Best Table.


Tournament Entry Charges

Pre-registration - November 10th to January 31st 2016 $20

Anyone who pre-registers and pays after Dec 31st but before Jan 31st will receive one extra free raffle ticket.

Pre-registration - Paying On the Day option $30