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"Super Munchkin of BattleCry" Tournament

BattleCry is proud to present our annual hunt for the Super Munchkin of BattleCry. Kindly sponsored by Steve Jackson Games and the local MIB's.

During Saturday 15th February there will be 3 rounds of Munchkin to find finalists for the final round held in the evening.

Rounds will be run at 11am, 1pm, 3pm with the final at 5pm in the Boardgaming area in the upstairs gym.

Entry is free. 

The participants in the four rounds with each receive 1 bookmark at the beginning of the round which they can choose to use in the round if they would like. The winner of each round will receive a Munchkin miniature.

All players who pre-register for this event will get to choose an extra 1 bookmark and 2 special promo Munchkin cards from the selection before their first round starts. This will give you some options for future rounds. Just fill in the registration form, no money needed. Or email us on

The participants who win places in the Final will receive two more bookmarks to use in the Final tournament and the winner will win the glorious title of Super Munchkin of BattleCry 2014. There will be extra prizes for the winner, the runner up and the other players in the Final.

All Munchkin games include rulebooklets. Go HERE for FAQ's. And to download a set of the general Tournament Rules go HERE to download a free copy.

For more information email us on

And check out the other Steve Jackson Demonstrations happening all weekend.