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Tony's Board Gaming Tournament

BattleCry is proud to present the sixth year of Tony's Board Gaming Tournament.

Event starts when the doors open at 9am each day.

Bring along your favorite boardgames and at the start of the tournament everyone will vote to rank the games. If you don’t have copies of your favourite games, just turn up with no games and vote for your favourite from the games everyone else has brought.

The top seven ranked boardgames will create a pool of games that can be chosen from to be played over two days.

Preference for game selection goes to the higher ranked games, then those that haven’t been played from the pool.

You score points by the placing you get in the game, based on the number of players in the game (i.e. 2nd in a five player game of Settlers of Catan = 4 points, 1st in a three player game of Dominion = 3 points).

You take your top five scores from ‘different’ games, so even if you play Family Business four times, you only take your single top score from that specific game.

Add your scores from the five different games together, to get your score.

Sunday afternoon, a final round will be played with the top five placed players, playing the top ranked game.

The double value victory points will be added to their overall tally, to find the tournament winner.

For more information and questions please contact us via

This event has limited numbers so please pre-register to book your space.


Seriously Board who are sponsoring the

Board Gaming tournament.




Pixel Park who are sponsoring the

Board gaming and Roleplaying tournaments.


Tournament Entry Charges

Pre-registration - November 10th to December 31st 2014 $15

Anyone who pre-registers and pays before Dec 31st will receive two extra free raffle tickets plus a chance to win a free Battlecry 2015 T-shirt.

Pre-registration - January 1st to January 31st 2015 $20

Anyone who pre-registers and pays after Dec 31st but before Jan 31st will receive one extra free raffle ticket.

Pre-registration - Paying On the Day option $25