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Legend of the Five Rings CCG

The road to being a Champion is both long and tough. But the first steps have to be taken before Victory can be yours.

The annual L5R tournament at Battlecry will be your first step in training towards the elusive prize of NZ Kotei champion!

Bring your best deck to battle with the members of the other eight Great Clans. It does not matter if you win by military might, by having undisputed honour or simply by being more enlightened then your opponent. Just win and you can bring your clan the Glory of the Empire!

Test of the Pounamu Champion
The Test of the Pounamu Champion is a new style of L5R tournament. To succeed, you must demonstrate mastery of all elements of L5R!
Whenever you take part in an L5R related activity, the Tournament Organiser will award you points. The more different types of activities you take part in, the more points you will achieve. At the end of the day, the player with the most points will be declared the Pounamu Champion!
Activities include (but are not limited to!):
 - winning a Constructed game against a different opponent.
 - winning or coming second in a game of War of Honour against different opponents.
 - winning a game of Sealed or Draft against a different opponent.
 - teaching someone how to play the game.
Bonus points will be awarded for sportsmanship, costume, overall effort, or other criteria to be decided on the day.
For the Empress!

This one-day event happens on Sunday the 16th.

Doors at BattleCry open at 9am. L5R tournament will be starting at 10am.

For a complete list of all the legal cards you can use, go here:

Tournament Entry Charges

Pre-registration - October 1st to November 15th 2013 $5

Anyone who pre-registers and pays before Nov 15th will receive a "Secret Gift", two extra free raffle tickets plus a chance to win a free Battlecry 2014 T-shirt.

Pre-registration - November 15th to January 31st $5

Anyone who pre-registers and pays after Nov 15th but before Jan 31st will receive one extra free raffle ticket.

Pre-registration - Paying On the Day option $10