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Andy Fletcher Vintage 2013

Join us on Saturday 16th February for the BattleCry 2013 Andy Fletcher Memorial VINTAGE constructed event. Every player in the final timed round will walk away with a prize and the winner of the Top 8 final will walk away with Free Pre-Release Sealed events for a year*.
The Andy Fletcher Memorial  Vintage Cup event was created to honour Andy Fletcher and the work he did as a TO while living in New Zealand. He ran a wide range of events and lifted the level of events run in New Zealand through organisations like Salty Dog. To honour this work, and because he likes the Vintage format the Andy Fletcher Memorial Cup event was created.
Cost: $20 (on the day)
Under 15yrs $15 (on the day)

Pay before the 10th of February and only pay $15! ($10 if under 15) and you will also receive a special raffle ticket to go in the draw for extra BattleCry Convention prizes. To pre-register head to the on-line registration form here:


Registrations open 2pm

Registrations close 2:45pm

Round 1 begins 3pm.

Deck lists are required.

Please bring your DCI number when you register.


Each round will be 45 minutes.

There will be a top 4 or top 8 depending on starting numbers.


Rules for Vintage Constructed:


PRIZES: At the end of the final timed round all Top Eight (or Four depending on numbers) qualifying players will receive a special Top Eight prize package. And before the Top Eight begin their play-offs we will also hold our special random player draw for a pile of prizes which include MTG boosters, MTG comics, MTG pre-constructed decks, special prize cards and much more.

* The overall winner will get to nominate 1 Pre-Release Sealed event for each new Magic the Gathering set from February 17th 2013 until February 14th 2014 that they will attend and BattleCry will pay for it.

First Place will include this Alternated Art foil Ponder donated by HobbyCo.