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Saturday 24th January

10am start time.

Tombstone: A Wild West Role-Playing Game

Load your six-shooter; danger is afoot in the town of Silverton! Cowboys are troubling a nearby corral and your help is needed. Join creator Corey Walden as you play the role of a civil war veteran, a fierce Indian brave, a wily gambler, a diehard outlaw or a gregarious holy-roller.

Forget rule-heavy systems, Tombstone is designed to be fast, fun and deadly. Pick a pre-gen or make your own character within a few minutes. Tombstone captures the romance, adventure and grit of the Wild West. Just don’ go cryin’ to yer momma when yer die!

Table numbers are limited to 6 spaces maximum.


Game Designer: Corey Walden

Game: Tombstone RPG (new system)

Come and be a part of a new game system playtest and get a chance to chat to the game designer after the game.