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Royal Flush

In 2013 we ran this Larp.

ROYAL FLUSH – a 3 hour LARP for 13 players

Set in Wonderland (or rather, an interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland), the Kings, Queens and Jacks of the four kingdoms are called together every year to decide on their shared policies. The way they decide is suitably ridiculous: they play a game that is something of a mix between Go Fish and Poker to see who gets to decide each policy for the year. Meanwhile, there are personal vendettas to resolve and enchantments hidden everywhere, and did someone mention the dreaded Alice?

The characters:

King Claudius of Clubs - a bloodthirsty man with a monstrous reputation. (taken)

Queen Catherine of Clubs - a gentle and caring woman, though looking a little pale and tired these days. Sister of King David and King Harry. (taken)

Count(ess) Jamie Hampshire of Clubs - seeming to come from nowhere, this little-known strategist has a penchant for justice (taken)

King David of Diamonds - in his boyhood the vanquisher of the Jabberwocky, now a cold and calculating wealthy monarch. Brother of Harry and Catherine. (taken)

Queen Diana of Diamonds - a bit of a show-pony, enjoys being rich, but has been known to sneak behind others' backs before. (available)

Princess Julie of Diamonds - a young girl who is beautiful and innocent, gentle and kind. Daughter of David and Diana (available)

King Harry of Hearts - a quiet man, a hermit who loves his books. Brother of King David and Queen Catherine. (available)

Queen Hera of Hearts - the magnificent Queen of Hearts. Jolly good company, but do not cross her. Sister of Sarah. (taken)

Duke James Hartford of Hearts - a celebrated military man, the dashing Duke James is a charming man (taken)

King Solomon of Spades - a powerful sorcerer who won the title of King, always seems to be in a bit of a haze. (available)

Queen Sarah of Spades - a sorceress of great renown, seems to wear the pants in her marriage. Sister of Hera. (taken)

Prince John of Spades - a young man with fire and life in his eyes, full of energy. Son of Sarah and Solomon (taken)

The Joker, Cheshire Cat - the mysterious and ambivalent Cheshire Cat has been summoned to the summit to contribute its voice for the common people of Wonderland. (available)