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Across the Bright Face

Game Name: Across the Bright Face.

Session Four - Sunday 2pm to 6pm (GM Matthew Hodgetts)

Description: A Sudden Fiasco.

Several days ago, the group was engaged by a powerful businessman(name:Arlent Streen) as bodyguards for him and his personal assistant as they tour the mining facilities of Dinom (a small airless but minerally rich world). in the Lanth Subsector of the Spinward Marches.He is a powerful force on the board of the Dinom Corporation and the group has accompanied Streen in his travels throughout the twilight zone of Dinom;rarely have you left the comfort of the monorail,and when you did ,it was only for a short Vacc suit jaunt to see some small facility or interesting rock formation.However today the group woke up in the domed city of Medianne,ordered a luxurious breakfast from room service,had morning exercises,and then listened to a briefing from the local corporate public relations officer.The hotel is quite comfortable,and the entire job has really been a vacation.The itinerary today calls for an inspection of a model ore processor utilizing a radical new technique.All the party don vacc suits for the demonstration and you have brought in addition to your weapons and other equipment ,one of you is carrying an attache case for Mr.Streen.All of a sudden all hell breaks loose as the light show of lazer rifles being fired at you, Mr Streen and his PA arc through the darkness outside the domes.You apparently are in the beginning of a workers revolution,and you all end up huddled behind three ATVs in an adjacent vechicle park.You can see only one course of action:a trek across the Bright face(the very hot region of Dinom) to Rhylan Starport and the imperial  base there.
Written By:  Marc W Miller  
System: Traveller
System Knowledge Needed: None
Players: 3 – 6
Game Style: Action               
Rating: PGR