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The Celestine Derelict

Game Name: The Celestine Derelict
Session Three - Sunday 9am to 1pm (GM Jared Tannahill)
Description: Stars sparkle against the endless backdrop of space as a small spacecraft glides silently towards its prey. Drifting dead in the void is the derelict form of an old space liner, its outer hull pockmarked with debris impact craters, its deflection shields having long ago been disabled. Your spacecraft, an ex-military Orion-class salvage corvette, seems tiny in comparison to the derelict, which according to the records is the Celestine, a liner that disappeared without a trace over 300 years ago while cruising between Earth and Avalon, about a sixth of the galaxy away from where it now drifts.
A perfect salvage, assuming nothing's too amiss on board. But if the Celestine is fine, then what happened to it?

Written By: Patrick Cummesky  
System: Dread
System Knowledge Needed: None
Players: 4 – 6
Game Style: Horror              
Rating: R-13