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Hot War: God Light

Hot War: God Light

In 1962 the Cold War went Hot. In addition to atomic weapons, strange, twisted technology was unleashed  by both sides, creating a wasteland where strange terrors stalk and the remnants of humanity cower.

One year on only a desperate London holds out and no news is coming from anywhere else in the world. The new era demands new methods, and the Special Situations Group (SSG) is formed from members of the police, armed forces and intelligence services, as well as civilians, tasked to deal with the unnatural menaces and twisted technology left by the war.

Unfortunately, the SSG is riven by factionalism as each power group vies for supremacy over the others, attempting to seize power and monopolise the remaining resources. Each of the characters is a member
of the SSG, and a member of one of these factions. They will need to find a way of working together to carry out their duties in a world gone to Hell.

GM: Adrian Price
System: Hot War
System Knowledge Needed: None, but a fistful of d10s will be useful
Players: 4-5
Game Style: Alt-history British 1960s post apocalypse in the style of
Survivors/Day of the Triffids/Quatermass

Running in Session 1 and 3: Saturday morning and Sunday morning