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The London Complex

The London Complex -

Welcome troubleshooters to London Complex IntSec training. Friend computer (all hail friend computer) deems you the best and most loyal troubleshooters in London. It has been 20 years since the nuclear war instigated by those filthy commie bastards, but friend computer (all hail friend computer) created LondonComplex, and has kept humanity safe from the commie threat. <A large explosion occurs, all within the room are killed, a waterbot comes in, sprays the room with dry ice, and leaves. A door opens into the room, and replacement clones walk in>
It seems that there are some mutant commie bastards that are attempting to destroy me, friend computer (all hail friend computer). For your training, you will find the traitorous mutant commie bastards, and deliver them to an execution chamber.
Your first mission is to acquire the mutant scanner from professor why-u-liv in sector WTF. Good Luck troubleshooters, and remember, fun is mandatory.

GM: Gary Freedman
System: this is a role playing version of The Resistance, themed to paranoia
Prior Knowledge: whenever anyone mentions Friend Computer, it is mandatory to reply All hail Friend Computer. Failure to do so is to prove that you are guilty of treason. Otherwise, not much
Players: 5-10
Game Style: Deductive... different players will go on different missions to eliminate the mutant commie threat. You need to work out who the mutant commies are, before they destroy LondonComplex.