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Mission on Mithril

Game Name: Mission on Mithril.
Session Two Saturday 2pm to 6pm (GM Matthew Hodgetts)
Description: Imperial Interstellar Scout Service Starship Central Axis,on detached duty,stutters out of jump space from Olympia three days late.That sort of delay spells almost deadly disaster to the jump drives of the tiny scout;without repairs,the ship will never jump again.
Below lies Mithril,a reserve world belonging to the Sword World Confederation.Not always friendly to the Imperium,it nevertheless can't hurt to ask for help.The port warden below answers the communicator beam,and replies that he will be glad to give assistance.Upon landing,the story turns out to be a little different.The warden does have the parts assembly(a relay governor),and even has a hoist which is probably necessary for  proper installation.But the part is valuable,and he wants something in return...
Written By:  Marc W Miller
System: Traveller
System Knowledge Needed: None
Players: 3 – 6
Game Style: Exploration               
Rating: PGR