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Game Name: Princess-Fest
Session Four - Sunday 2pm to 6pm (GM Jared Tannahill)
Description: Like all good fairy-tale princesses, our heroines seek a husband. Catfighting, curses, bikini contests, troll-battling, and a magically over-the-top story await as the princesses compete for the heart of muscular-but-dim Prince Abubu.
In the style of previous Battlecry comedies like CATaclysm, Raiders of the Lost Park, and Henchmen. Unleash your inner Princess! (Tiaras optional).
Starring: Ariadne (No-Last-Name-Given) AS Not-So-Secretly The Vizier's Daughter; Bluebell Snugglemuffin AS The Hopelessly Naive Princess; Cynthia 'Cindy' Richingworth AS The Spoiled Rich Valley Girl; Raven Midnight Darkblood AS The Emo Goth Princess; Burleigh Strongarm AS The Cartoonishly Buff Viking Princess; and Belle Stardust AS The Really Fairy Princess!

Written By: Jared Tannahill   
System: Homebrew, System Light
System Knowledge Needed: None
Players: 2 – 6
Game Style: Nonsense Comedy          
Rating: PG-13