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Scenario Design Competition

For BattleCry 2014 we are holding a Scenario Design Competition.

Write a game, to run for up to four hours, and include all the handouts and a set of pre-generated characters and submit them to us by January 15th 2014 and be in the chance to win one of the awesome RPG prizes we have up for grabs at BattleCry 2014.

Come along to BattleCry and run your game and double your chances of goodies.


1. This competition is open to anyone with a New Zealand mailing address.

2. All entries must be the original work of the creator(s).

3. The scenario may not have been previously published nor entered in an earlier competition. Note that this specifically does not prevent you from entering a scenario that was written or run at a previous BattleCry, as long as it has not been published or entered into a previous competition.

4. It is acceptable to refer to other published gaming material, but submitted entries may not contain material that infringes intellectual property rights.

5. You may enter as many times as you like, and there is no cost to enter.

6. The Judge's decision is final.

7. BattleCry reserves the right to grant no award if there are no entries of sufficient quality.

8. Every entry must include the name or names of the creators on a front title page but nowhere else in the work should the name appear again.

9. Every page of an entry should be sequentially numbered.

10. BattleCry reserves the right to refuse to accept entries that are, in the opinion of the organizers, illegible or so poorly organized as to make them too difficult to judge or run. A double-spaced type-written or legibly hand written manuscript with consecutively numbered pages is an absolute minimum standard for acceptance, but even this may be rejected if the content is still too confused.

11. By entering this competition you agree to let this scenario be run at the next BattleCry convention and grant BattleCry the right to reproduce enough copies of the scenario material for this purpose.

12. Send entries to :

Emailed entries must follow the same layout rules and must be in one of the following formats : Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, or a Unicode plain text format such as UTF8.

13. If the author wishes the scenario manuscript returned and is not attending BattleCry, a stamped self addressed envelope should be enclosed with the entry if it is posted.

14. The closing date for entering the competition is : 15th January 2014

All postal entries must be post-marked no later than the closing date. If emailed, they must be received no later than the closing date.

15. Winners will be announced at BattleCry.

• Including a timeline helps make your scenario easy to understand and follow.
• Providing challenging characters for players helps make the game more enjoyable.
• Take into account that it is possible that neither Judge nor players will have played in the setting before.
• A play-test may help to iron out any wrinkles.

Frequently Asked Questions
To send in a question simply e-mail us with your querry. All reasonable questions we recieve will be answered on this page.

Q. How is this competition being judged?
BattleCry SDC is using the same double blind system of judging as most writing competitions. Each entry is received and logged, then the cover page is removed and the entry is passed on to the judge. This means that the judge has no idea who the author of any given scenario is. This system ensures impartiality and is why we ask that the authors name ONLY appear on the cover page of the work.

Q. What are the judging criteria?
Each scenario will be marked on the following: Creativity, Playability, Characters/Character generation, NPC's/character interactions, Pace, Challenge, Plot and Detail. with the emphasis being on Creativity and Playability. We want to see scenarios that will be fun for both GM and players.

Q. What about copyright issues etc?
Under the Berne Convention, to which New Zealand is a signatory, your original creative works automatically gain copyright as soon as you produce them. It is therefore illegal for anyone to reproduce, replicate or otherwise copy your work without your permission, regardless of whether you have made any attempt to publish or register the work.

Thanks Kapcon for leading us towards a SDC and letting us use your ideas for our SDC.