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Sins of the Father

Game Name: Sins of the Father
Session Two - Saturday 2pm to 6pm (GM Jared Tannahill)
Session Three - Sunday 9am to 1pm (GM Helen Tannahill)
Description: The bank job looked like the easiest money in the ‘Verse. Get in, get out, get paid, keep flyin’. Sure, war between the Alliance and the Independents is heating up. Sure, some of your crew might be wanted by the Feds, or Triad crime bosses, or just about everyone in between. But none of that matters here and now. This time the job’ll go smooth. Right?

Action-adventure game set in the Firefly universe, with a whole ‘Verse worth of crime, shooting, kung-fu… and a wedding?

Written By: Helen and Jared Tannahill  
System: Savage Worlds
System Knowledge Needed: None
Players: 3 – 6
Game Style: Action               
Rating: PGR