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25mm Renaissance

Unfortunately this tournament was cancelled. There were demonstration games happening all weekend.

2 day event of 25mm DBR.


Rules De Bellis Renationis version 2.0 (DBR)

Armies 400 AP - Open List (any army from Army Lists Book 1,2 and 3)
Kiwi Points
Deployment in alternate commands.
Sh(F) fight other Sh in two ranks.
Sh(I) with arquebus regraded to Arq(O). Essentially Sh(O) firing to 100p.
Sh(I) with musket regraded to Mkt(I). Essentially Sh(I) firing to 200p.
Deployment zone starts 300p from the side edge, not 600p.
More details: (final Players Pack coming soon)
Rules: DBR
Scale: 25/28mm ('Heroic' and GW scales also fine)
Points: 400AP using Kiwi Points
Single army list
Basing: Figures must be correctly based and painted for the competition.
However period correct armies based up for other variations of DBx will be
allowed; for example you can have Blades, Shot, Bow 4 per a base instead of
3, or 3 lancers per base, rather then 2, or Light Horse, Skirmishers and
Camelry (F) can be 2 rather then 1 per base (* Plus Skirmishers 1 per base
looks odd). Elements with a 20mm base depth (Pikes, Blades, etc) must have
some extension to make it 30mm deep; a 60x30mm sabot with 10mm flocked strip
on a long edge, bluetac'd under the base is a good idea. 80mm Baggage...
tough luck, learn to keep your baggage away from Stu and Danny.
Terrain- Players are to bring their own base cloth and terrain. Nice terrain
too, please. Any terrain deemed "Nasty" by another player and the umpire
will be removed. Examples of "Nasty" terrain- Tape for roads, moth eaten
felt with dodgy old lichen for rough going, etc. If unsure, ask the umpire.
Dodgy terrain like star shaped hills and triangular gulleys. No 'Agent
Orange Circle of Death'; if terrain can be placed legaly in the middle of
the table, then it's fine; unless it's Dodgy or Nasty- see above.
If you cannot bring your own base cloth and/or terrain due to travel
arrangements, plase let the umpire know WELL in advance.

And using the modifications from 2011 Push of Pike -
Deployment in alternate commands
Deployment zone starts 300 paces from side edge. not 600 paces (maybe 450
paces considering points/scale)
Shot (F) who fight other Shot in two ranks get a +1 rear support for close
Shot (I) with arquebus regraded to Arquebus (O); fight and shoot as Shot (O)
but only at 100p shooting range, cost 5AP
Shot (I) with Musket regraded to Shot (Im), fight and shoot as Shot (I), but
shoot at 200p range, cost 5AP
ALSO... Alternative army lists will be allowed, such as John Way's Japanese
1494-1617AD, etc. Please email me first before using said list, I'll need a
copy of the army list that you draw your army from and the army list will be
pubished (but not your actual playing army list) prior to convention to make
sure no one has issues with it.

If you only wish to play one day of the two due to other commitments, please
let the umpire know in advance before registering and which day (Saturday or
Sunday) that you'll like to play.
Now do we want to play 'vanilla' DBR. DBR Version 2.0 with exceptions above,
or would we like to continue the evolution of the rules and play with
Different 'Player Initiative Point Dicing' points (i.e. cheaper "separation
Include a Arquebus (S) as an option
Different option for Dragoons- Mounted Shot?

And to keep it simple, if players agree to have a rule change, we'll stick
to just the one kind and play test it out.

Tournament organiser was Stu Todd.