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Warhammer Fantasy (FluffyCon)

FluffyCon will be returning for 2014.

The TO for the event is: Richard Barby

This event is limited to 40 players. 

Some information:

* 2 day event

* We will be using armies that are out as of 16/12/2013.

* 2400 point game

* 6 scenerios

More details in the Players Pack.


Sponsors for this tournament include:





Tournament Entry Charges for 2014
Pre-registration - October 1st to November 30th 2013 $30

Anyone who pre-registers and pays before Nov 15th will receive a "Secret Gift", two extra free raffle tickets plus a chance to win a free Battlecry 2014 T-shirt.

Pre-registration - December 1st to January 26th $35

Anyone who pre-registers and pays after Nov 15th but before Jan 26th will receive one extra free raffle ticket.

Pre-registration - Paying On the Day option $45

To play in this tournament you must register before Jan 26th as Army lists must be submitted by Jan 26th. You must also be able to play in all 6 rounds over the two days of BattleCry.

For more information please email us on