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Workshop - Character Art Design

Character Art Design Workshop

Saturday 2pm to 5pm - Gold Coin donation to cover materials

Registration for this event essential as limited spaces. Book by filling in the registration form online or registering at the Front Entrance Desk on Saturday before workshop begins.

This workshop is a beginners course for portrait drawing, and costume design. During this workshop, you will learn how to lay out the face, a step by step how to on drawing eyes, noses, mouths, and hair, then the second half of the course is dedicated to designing costumes, and drawing them, bringing your character to life.

Experience in art is not needed for the class. Some templates will be provided to assist in the learning process.

The duration of the workshop is around 3 hours. Participants are encouraged to bring their own pencils and eraser. Paper will be provided.

This course will be run by Susan Rugg, and Orion Mabelle .