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2014 Sponsors

The BattleCry Convention would like to thank all our sponsors for our 2014 event for helping make our event happen.


BattleFront Miniatures who sponsored the

Flames of War Late War Tournament prizes.







BattleLine Miniatures who sponsored the

Field of Glory - Ancients/Medieval Tournament prizes.



Bulletin Messenger who sponsored BattleCry Convention.



Hasbro who sponsorrf the Magic the Gathering

Tournaments and the casual board gaming area.





Jambo Hobbies Games who sponsored the

Warmachine/Hordes tournament and other war

gaming events.


Mighty Ape who sponsored the Kings

of  War Tournament prizes,

40K Tournament, FluffyCon Fantasy 

Tournament and the Lego Display area.


Popagandatees who sponsored a range

of events.








RedZeed Gaming Fanatics who sponsored the 40K,   

FluffyCon and Magic events.




RetroSpace who sponsored the BattleCry





SchilMil Games who sponsored the

BattleCry Boardgaming Library.

Steam Works who sponsored BattleCry.





Steve Jackson Games who sponsored the Munchkin

Tournament prizes and Roleplaying prizes.




V who sponsored  the BattleCry Convention.