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Wargaming 2014

Wargaming at Battlecry 2014 took place over the Saturday and Sunday. All listed events were 2 day events, unless stated. To compete in the 2 day events you had be able to play both days.

Location: All Wargaming tournaments and events took place on the main floor of the ASB Stadium in designated areas. Here are the links to the old events from 2014.

6mm Moderns

Blood Bowl (1 day event)

Field of Glory Ancient/Medieval

Field of Glory Napoleonics

Flames of War Late War

Infinity (demonstration event)

Kings of War (1 day event)

Malifaux (1 day event)

Warhammer 40K

Warhammer Fantasy - FluffyCon

Warmachine/Hordes (1 day event)

X-Wing (1 day event)